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Staff Training

All Missions Adventure Camp staff are required to go through 10-14 days of pre-camp training. During this focused time, staff are trained in Bible study, child behavior management, risk management, professional, and outdoor skills. There is extensive time spent on team building, discovering personalities, encouraging individual abilities, and challenging each other to grow. Time is also spent making sure our campus is ready for campers. During this time, staff clear trails and program areas, decorate cabins, and clean buildings.

Much time is dedicated to the spiritual development of camp staff. Staff are placed in small groups where they participate in the Bible study and personal accountability.  In addition, staff members participate in vespers (worship) services.


During this time, they are encouraged and challenged by an alumnus, missionaries, or a fellow staff member. Staff will also spend time just having fun with each other. Staff will have time to just be goofy as they learn morning celebration dances, silly songs, play games, and enjoy staff bonding challenges!


At the end of pre-camp training the Missions Adventure Staff are equipped and excited for your campers’ arrival!

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