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WorldSong Travel Teams

WorldSong Travel Team for Children Completing Grades 1-6

What you will experience:

A day of Missions Adventure Camp!  While we cannot bring the absolutely beautiful scenery from our campus, we can bring to you and your children the joy of spending the day with our MAC staff through a high energy, fun day of camp that will include: 

  • Morning Celebration a high energy worship  

  • Bible Study 

  • Mission Study that will focus on a country, people and their culture, and the work of our missionaries 

  • Craft and a hands-on mission project 

  • Games/Activities 

  • Our awesome MAC Travel Team 

Tentative Schedule:

  8:00 AM Staff Arrive/Set Up 

  9:00 Camper Check In  

  9:30 Morning Celebration 

10:00 Rotation #1 

10:45 Rotation #2 

11:30 Rotation #3 

12:15 PM Lunch 

12:45 Big Group Challenge 

1:30 Closing Ceremony 


Children will receive a cinch bag that includes: 

  • WorldSong Item 

  • Craft supplies 

  • Mission Project supplies 


Team Responsibilities:

  • Guide Programming 

  • Lead Bible Study, Mission Study, and energetic worship 


Sponsor Responsibilities:

  • Provide location for programming. This needs to be a large indoor space or an outdoor space. If outdoors, a rainy day back up plan is needed. 

  • Facilitates the checking in and out of campers at the beginning and end of event 

  • Provide lunch for and/or request children and leaders bring sack lunch 

  • Provide water for participants between activities 

  • Provide volunteers. We recommend at least a 1 to 8 ratio of chaperone to child. We recommend that volunteers be background checked. 

  • Volunteers will be responsible for the disciplining of children and attending to all their needs. 



Minimum Number of Children: 30 

Deposit: $300 is due to the office of Alabama WMU when date is confirmed. 

Cost $25 per child (30 minimum = $750) is due to the office of Alabama WMU two weeks prior to the event date.  

Minimum cost to sponsor is $1,050 which includes $300 deposit to secure your date

and the $25 X 30 participant minimum of $750. 

For questions regarding your registration, contact Kathryn Helms at or 334-613-2325.

2024 Travel Team Dates:

  • June 24

  • June 25

  • June 26

Applications will be received until February 29, 2024. You will be notified by the end of March if your application has been accepted. Decisions will be based on staff availability and location. An application does not indicate that we will be able to accommodate your request.

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