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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is arrival/departure time?

    • Registration is from 10am-12pm on Monday. Closing Ceremony is at 12:30pm, departure at 1pm on Wednesday

  • How does the leader to camper ratio work? 

    • 1 female/male leader for every 8 girls/boys. Each group will be allowed up to 2 female/male leaders unless group size requires more. Camper’s will be supervised by MAC staff members so a leader is not required.

  • Do the leaders stay with the campers?

    • ​Campers sleep in cabin supervised by MAC Cabin Leaders. Leaders will stay in a separate cabin.

  • Does the leader stay with the campers all day? 

    • No, the leaders have the freedom to be with the campers for a lot of the day, but there will be periods of the day where we have leader specific programing and break time.

  • All leaders must have a background check!

  • Can I bring my niece/granddaughter to Mom and Me?

    • Yes! Any type of mother/daughter relationship is welcome at camp (as long as you are up for the physical nature of camp)! There is lots of walking, but the hike to the first cross is optional and we do own ONE golf cart that you can summon at any time.

  • When are the one-night and two-night Mom and Me’s offered? 

    • They are offered during the same time. They BOTH start at 1pm on Thursday afternoon. One-night campers leave after lunch on Friday while two-night campers are resting and preparing for another fun filled 24 hours.

  • Can I bring my very mature four year old to Mom and Me?

    • Mom and Me is for grades (Spring: CURRENT K-6th, Summer: COMPLETED K-6th). Our activities are designed for these age groups. Shorter legs and little hands find many of our activities challenging and frustrating.

  • Can I bring a group of kids to Family MAC?

    • Family MAC is meant to be a family experience with many family bonding activities. Adoptive and “honorary” members of the family are welcome, but it is not meant to be a church “group” experience. This different from Fall Missions Festival where chaperones bring groups of children. Family relationships, not chaperoned relationships. But check out our Mini MAC for Boys, Girls and Their Leaders!


  • Can a mother and son come to Lad and Dad?

    • No, but they can come to Family MAC!


  • What is a CIT? 

    • A Cabin Leader in Training is a camper who wishes to one day become a Cabin Leader or gain experience in children’s ministry. CITs will go through professional development sessions, team building challenges, services projects and be assigned a cabin and activity to shadow and assist with.

  • How do you become a CIT?

    • Complete and submit a CIT application.

      • ​If approved, register and pay for MAC for CIT week. Spaces are limited

  • What is this early arrival?

    • CIT have the option and are encouraged to register at early arrival (the Sunday before your week at 4pm). CITs will go through orientation and be involved in staff team building.


  • How old do you have to be to apply to be a Cabin Leader?

    • At least a current Junior in High School or older.

  • How long is the commitment?

    • All staff are required to attend pre-camp training and then we have two, four, six and eight week long contracts. Contact Kaley for available positions.

  • My camper has special food allergies, how do you accommodate that?

    • Please let us know in advance of any dietary needs. We will connect you with the WorldSong Office Manager. She can send you the menu ahead of time and you can plan around it. We do our best to accommodate, but if you need to bring your on food, you can store it in the dining hall.

  • Will all the children from my church be in the same cabin? (This only applies to week long camps)

    • We will assign two campers from each church per cabin (three campers in the case of odd numbers). You can request buddies on their information sheet. We designed cabin assignments this way so that campers have the ability to make new friends and no cliques are formed. Your campers still have the freedom to sign up for the same activities.

  • My 6th grader is very mature, can they come to MAC for Teens?

    • MAC for Teens is for grades 7th-12th. Any other grades require special permission from the Camp Director (will most likely not be granted unless they have previous MAC experience)

  • I want to pair my 9th grader with my 6th graders, what unit will they be in?

    • In the case of an age gap, the older camper will be placed in the younger age division. This means they will miss out on many activities set aside for the older campers. You know your campers best, but we do encourage campers to be assigned to their own age divisions. Your campers will still have the opportunity to sign up for many of the same activities.

  • Can my camper bring their cell phone?

    • No. Snail mail is great! You can contact the camp if you have any emergencies and we will relay any information to your camper.

  • My camper takes daily medications, who will remind them to take it?

    • All medications will be turned over to our camp nurse at registration. The camp nurse will ensure that medications are distributed daily.

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