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Benefits of Working with Us

This is more than a summer job. This is an opportunity to make an eternal impact, to grow spiritually and gain professional skills.

  • Staff receive honorariums starting at $225 per week

  • Room and board are provided

  • Each cabin leader will receive several hours of off time during each week of camp where they may leave camp

  • Free time on the weekends (we do have several Friday-Saturday camps)

  • Access to free laundry room is provided

  • Leadership: learn decision making, speaking, conflict management, and behavior management skills

  • Training & Certifications: Everyone gets First Aid, AED, and CPR certified, but there are also opportunities for advance certifications

  • Professional development: learn vital skills such as communication, collaboration, problem solving, and resource management

  • References and Letters of recommendation: After a summer of camp, our leadership team knows you well and can provide detailed references for potential employers

  • College credit or internship: We’ve worked with several schools to provide college credit for recreation management, English, marketing, and media.

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