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Know Before You Go


All forms must be completed online no later than 2 weeks prior to the camp you are attending.

Your camper will only be released to one of the persons listed on their release form. The persons picking up campers must present a valid driver’s license. The name on the camper's release form must match the  name on the pick-up person's Driver’s License. Please list more than one person in case of an emergency.

According to American Camping Association standards, each camper must be screened upon arrival at camp. This will be a basic check of the general physical condition of your camper. Staff will check temperature. A list of their medications & instructions should be submitted online.

​Each child will be checked for head lice during registration. We will adhere to the following:

  • Any camper who is confirmed to have either live lice or ‘nits’ (lice eggs) will have TWO OPTIONS:

    • Option 1. They may leave camp.

    • Option 2. They may receive treatment consisting of the following:

  • Parent or church leader must administer a full lice treatment.

  • ALL of camper’s bedding and laundry must be washed (washing machines available at camp).

  • Camper’s luggage must be placed in a black plastic bag and left to sit in a sunny area for 48 hours and afterwards will be returned to camper’s cabin discreetly.

  • All steps must be completed before camper will be allowed to join their cabin. Camp staff are available to help facilitate the treatment needs.

  • Any braids or head-wraps must be removed before treatment.

  • It is our desire NOT to send any camper home due to a lice situation, but this requires the cooperation of the parent and/or church leader. Thanks for your help!

A maximum of two campers from the same church will be placed together in a cabin except in the case of an uneven number; in this case, there may be three. This policy helps ensure that your camper has the best camp experience possible. Using the Buddy System will help us place your camper in age appropriate activities and Bible Studies, provide an environment for them to develop new friends and to avoid the forming of groups within the cabin.

Parents and leaders are invited to attend the Closing Ceremony. Please wait for your child at the Chapel. Children will be released following the Closing Ceremony on the last day of camp.

The camp only has one business phone. Campers will not be allowed to use the phone. If there is an emergency, the Missions Adventure Camp Director will contact you.

Opening Days

(This general information applies to all weeklong camps. Opening and Closing Days for Mother & Daughter Camp are different to accommodate the shorter schedule. Click the "What Happens at Camp?" button on the webpage for the camp you are attending to see more information on what will happen at a specific camp session.)

  • Registration begins at 10:00am and concludes at 12:00pm for all camps except Mother & Daughter camps.  There is no need to arrive earlier than 10:00am as we will not be ready to check in campers until that time.

  • Mother & Daughter Camp registration begins at 1:00 pm and concludes at 12:00 pm. 

  • As you enter the camp gate, you will be greeted by camp staff. Please stop so that they can give you instructions on where to park.

  • Once parked please bring all of your campers to the chapel. Make sure that everyone has their store money and any medications with them.

  • Restrooms are located outside of the Chapel and at the Dining Hall

  • Registration process:

  • Your first stop is the registration card table. They will write your name on a card that will serve as your “passport” through the registration process. At each table a staff member will sign your registration card.

  • Next give your registration card to the check in table. They match your card with your camper packets and give you your name tag and cabin assignment.

  • Take your camper packet to the nurse table next. Our nurse will ask if you have any medications (this includes prescription, over the counter, vitamins and essential oils). If not already recorded in our system you will be asked to fill out a form for the medication. ALL MEDICATION MUST BE KEPT IN IT’S ORIGINAL CONTAINER. Our camp nurse will be responsible to storing and distributing all campers meds. No medication can be kept in the cabin (exceptions include inhalers or epi pens).  If you have any health concerns our nurse will be happy to discuss them with you.

  • Next you will turn in your money at the store card table. This is to ensure that no money goes missing while at camp. Your money will be recorded and you will be able to use it at the Trading Post camp store. Any money not spent will be returned to the camper on closing day.

  • Next a staff member will take your temperature

  • Finally, you will go to Head Check, our final registration station

  • Once you have finish registration, you are free to head with the cabins with your campers. Once you arrive at the cabins, a cabin leader will check your registration card and send you to the right room.

  • Parents and group leaders are welcome to help their campers settle in and make their beds.

  • After campers are settled in we encourage quick and upbeat goodbyes so that campers can get their camp experience started

Opening Day Activities

  • Each summer is a little different, but after you settle in Cabin Leaders will be ready to get the fun started! Your cabin might make friendship bracelets, decorate your name tag or play a fun camp game while they wait for everyone to arrive

  • Opening day is special because we have a picnic lunch in the cabin! Then there will be silly staff introduction, orientation to camp guidelines and of course more games.

  • We will jump right into our Bible study time on the first day with your cabin mates.

  • Next we will head to welcome party where you will meet the rest of the staff and get to sign up for your Camper’s Choice activities.

  • Every summer we take cabin photos which will be given to you on closing day.

  • The evening will include a cabin bonding activity, a camp wide culture experience, dinner and vespers (our evening worship time).

Closing Day

  • Our campers celebrate closing day with WorldSong Olympics! This is a special time for campers to say goodbye to their friends. For security reasons, no parents or group leaders are permitted to attend our WorldSong Olympic event.

  • Closing Ceremonies begin at 11:00 am. Please wait outside of the chapel as your campers line up. Security is very important to us and you will see several staff members standing guard and making sure campers stay with their cabins until they are signed out. Please help us by waiting until your camper is signed out to pull them aside.

  • Once campers have marched into the chapel you are welcome to watch closing ceremonies from the provided chairs in the back of the chapel.

  • After closing ceremonies campers will be dismissed by cabin and all parents and group leaders will be asked to stay behind to receive pick up instructions.

  • During pick up all campers will be standing near their luggage tents. Luggage tents will be labeled with cabin names (Magnolia, Wisteria, Azalea and Camellia). Stand in the line that represents your child’s cabin. If you do not know the name of their cabin staff members will be available to direct you.

  • Please have your driver’s license ready. Person picking up campers MUST have a valid driver’s license & be listed on the Camper Release form. Be sure the name given on the Camper Release Form is the legal name matching the name on the Driver’s License. All campers must be signed out before they can leave the designated pick up area.

  • Our MAC staff go through an extensive training program before camp begins. For more information on our training click here.

  • All staff must pass a background and reference check.

  • We have emergency action plans for a variety of events

  • Our campus is secured every evening.

  • MAC staff receive First Aid, AED, and CPR certification training

  • Our lifeguards are all certified and receive in-service training each week

  • Our lead instructors for Archery and Marksmanship are also certified

  • The adventure recreation team goes though extensive training led by ACCT certified facilitators. They also receive weekly in-service training.

Health Screening
Lice Screening
Parents and Leaders
Opening and Closing Days
Safety and Security
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