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Physically Apart, but Virtually Connected

July 13-16, 2020

  • Cost is $75 for the first child and $25 for each additional child. Zoom link is limited to 1 link per household.

  • For campers completing grades 2-10.

  • The registration deadline has passed. Please contact the Alabama WMU office for availability.

Daily Schedule*

1st Zoom Session

9:00-9:30am – Morning Celebration (all together)

9:30-10:00am – Camper’s Choice (in small groups)

Campers do their devotions offline


2nd Zoom Session

5:00-5:20pm – Mission Encounter (all together)

5:20-5:35pm – Culture Camp (in cabin groups)

5:35-6:00pm – Bible Study (in cabin groups)


3rd Zoom Session

7:00-7:30pm – Vespers (all together)

7:30-8:00pm – Feature Night (in cabin groups)

Camper's Choice Options

Sign Language

Arts and Crafts


Servant Leadership (5th-10th grade)

Outdoor Skills


*Parent/Guardians determine child's level of involvement.
Other Details

For the best experience, please have each camper log in on separate devices. If only one device is available, have all campers sign up for the same Camper’s Choice options.

Each registered camper will receive a package which includes their camp t-shirt, devotional booklet and other surprises.

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