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What Happens At Camp?

Daily Schedule:

(tentative/subject to change slightly)

Day 1:

1:00pm - Registration

6:00pm - Dinner

7:00pm - Vespers

8:00pm - Feature Night

Day 2:

8:00am - Breakfast

9:00am - Morning Celebration

9:30am - Rotation 1

10:30am - Rotation 2

11:30am - Free Time/Trading Post Open

12:00pm - Lunch/Closing Ceremony

A Closer Look at Our Activities:

Welcome Party - Welcome Party happens just before dinner on the very first night of camp. The staff performs silly skits to introduce themselves to everyone, and to introduce everyone to the Camper's Choice activities that they'll get to choose from for the week! Campers get to choose which activities they'll do each morning, and this all happens at Welcome Party! Sometimes campers know exactly what they want to do for Camper's Choice before they even get to camp, but if they need a little guidance in the moment, Cabin Leaders are always available to help.

Morning Celebration - Morning Celebration is our silly, upbeat worship time that happens every day after breakfast. We sing and dance, and one of the staffers leads a devotion for everyone to start their day before they head off to Camper's Choice!

Camper's Choice - The Cabin Leaders spend lots of time with the Program Coordinator before camp starts planning the activities they lead. Each activity is designed to show campers how they can use this new skill to create relationships and fulfill the Great Commission! Camper’s Choice activities are designed to encourage campers of all ages to participate together and make new friends! These activities change each summer, so stay tuned to the blog each spring to get a jump start on your decisions! 

Rotations - During the afternoon, campers stay together in their units (age divisions) and travel to the three different rotations:

  • Culture Camp This is where our missionaries hang out! At Culture Camp, campers hear stories from missionaries, participate in cultural activities, taste foreign foods, and learn how life is different in other countries. Every summer we choose a new focus country, and every year campers discover the uniqueness of that country and how they can pray for its people and missionaries.

  • Adventure Recreation* – Living out a missional lifestyle definitely requires stepping outside of our comfort zones, and that’s exactly what Adventure Rec is designed to help us do! Our youngest campers get the opportunity to go off the zipline and participate fun field games. As camper’s age up, they have opportunity to participate in Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Low Ropes, Team-Building challenges, V-Swing, and our oldest campers have the opportunity to try the High Ropes course.  These activities are designed to instill confidence, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

*All of these activities are what we like to call “Challenge by Choice” activities, and while a camper may be encouraged to try something new, it is their decision alone to participate in these activities. Our staff goes through intense training, and each staff member specializes in a certain element. This means that our staff are prepared not only take care of a camper’s physical safety, but their emotional safety as well.

  • Pool – What day at camp is complete without a trip to the pool? The whole unit enjoys some chill hangout time at the pool with water games led by the lifeguards. We have lifeguards on stands and in the pool to keep everyone safe, and to make sure that everyone is having fun! We even have lifeguards available to teach campers how to swim!

SOS - This stands for Sit or Sleep. SOS happens after Bible Study, and it serves as our rest period when we have a chance to get out of the hot summer heat!


Vespers – After dinner the whole camp lines up at the chapel and walks quietly to our outdoor worship area. This is our more serious time of worship where campers hear from the Word, led by one of our missionaries, their cabin leaders, or a member of the admin team!

Feature Night – Each night at camp is a little bit different, and each night includes what we like to call Feature Night. This night could include anything! Some previous examples of Feature Night are a campfire with s'mores, a camp-wide game, and even a talent show. Our camp staff work hard to create the best activities for everyone to enjoy each night!

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