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WorldSong and Group Leaders will adhere to the following guidelines while staying on the campus of WorldSong Missions Place.

Group Leaders are responsible for communicating COVID-19 guidelines with their group.



Group Leader- will be responsible for screening all participants and checking temperatures before departing to WorldSong. Upon arrival daily health screenings and temperature checks throughout each day will need to be conducted by the Group Leader.

The following health screening questions should be asked of all participants:

1. Have you been sick in the past two weeks?
2. Have you been in meaningful contact with anyone that you are aware of who has COVID-19 in the past two weeks?
3. Have you had a fever in the last 24 hours?

If any health screen questions are answered with a YES or they present with a temperature of 100.4 or greater, they are not allowed to come to WorldSong.


Healthy Hygiene

  • Group Leader- teach and reinforce washing hands and covering coughs and sneezes among all participants.

  • WorldSong- teach and reinforce washing hands and covering coughs and sneezes among all staff.

  • Group Leader- can use discretion in deciding if face masks for participants should be worn when among your group. Masks must be worn when arriving in dining hall or when within 6 feet of staff and other guests.

  • WorldSong- when social distancing is not possible, staff will wear face covering when possible. WorldSong staff will be reminded to not touch face coverings and to wash hands as often as possible.

  • Group Leader- will ensure their group participants keep masks with them at all times.

  • WorldSong- has supplies throughout campus to support healthy hygiene behaviors, including soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and tissues.


Health and Safety Actions

  • WorldSong- will intensify cleaning, sanitation, and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces (for example, recreation equipment, door handles, sink handles, etc) multiple times per day.

  • WorldSong & Group Leader- will allow time for cleaning in between activities.

  • Group Leader- will incorporate bathroom breaks and hand washing breaks in between activities.

  • WorldSong- will deep clean and sanitize the facility prior to the arrival of new group.

  • WorldSong- will clean and disinfect tables, counters, etc after use.

  • WorldSong- will post signage and messaging to remind everyone about social distancing.

  • WorldSong- will provide 6-foot space markings in Dining Hall.

  • Group Leader- will limit mixing of participants and will stagger groups to minimize mixing participants as much as feasible.

  • WorldSong- will allow groups to have the option to eat in designated dining areas and/or

    take their meals to outside picnic areas.

  • WorldSong- Individually wrapped utensils and single use items such as packets of ketchup, salt, etc will be used in dining hall.

  • Group Leader- will keep each participants’ belongings separated.

    Protection of Employees and Guests

  • WorldSong- will train all employees and volunteers on health and safety guidelines as well as updated OSHA plan for communicable disease.

  • WorldSong & Group Leader- are to repeat health screenings throughout the day- checking for any development of new symptoms.

  • Group Leader- anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or above should not be permitted to attend any activities and should be immediately sent home.

  • WorldSong- staff with a temperature of 100.4 or above will be sent home for those living locally and others will be quarantined.


Ongoing Monitoring

  • Group Leader- participants that are sick should be separated and cared for by group staff until they safely leave for home.

  • Group Leader- if notified from home that someone in their group has had direct contact with a confirmed individual diagnosed with COVID-19, please send that participant home to stop the spread of COVID-19.

  • Group Leader- should notify participants immediately of any illness. Rooms and materials used to care for sick participants should be thoroughly disinfected and out of use for 24 hours.

  • Group Leader- will designate an area in their lodging for the use as an isolation area. Group Leader is required to inform WorldSong staff of area used.

  • Group Leader- is solely responsible for the medical care of their guests, to include access to medical care as needed.

  • Group Leader- is responsible for safely transporting sick people home or to health care facility.

  • WorldSong- will provide contact information for local urgent care and hospital.​

  • Group Leader- if possible, reduce number of participants in each lodging space.

  • Group Leader- participants should sleep head to toe in upper and lower bunks. Bunk assignments should be spaced as far apart as feasible.

  • Group Leader- if participants bring a personal fan, it should be pointed at only one person.

  • Group Leader- advise guests when leaving event to minimize in-person contact with anyone in an at-risk population for the following 14 days.

Main Street Family Care

2211 Moody Parkway

Moody, AL


M-F: 8 am- 8 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9 am- 4 pm

American Family Care

20 Hazelwood Drive
Pell City, AL

Sunday- Saturday: 8 am – 6 pm

St. Vincent’s St. Clair Hospital

7063 Veterans Parkway
Pell City, AL 35125


Emergency Room

Mailing Address:

WorldSong Missions Place

PO Box 433

Pell City, AL 35125

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