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This website and the ministry of WorldSong are made possible by your gifts through The Cooperative Program and to the Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering.


All MAC staff members are required to go through our pre-camp training. This is 10-14 days of preparation for the summer. Any applicant not available for pre-camp training must receive permission from the camp director and go through a separate extensive online training to serve as an assistant leader (these are normally former staff members who have served in the past and will work for 1-2 weeks).


During pre-camp our staff members will receive training in the following areas:


Staff Skills and Responsibilities

  • Philosophy and Objectives

  • Staff policies

  • Camper supervision policies

  • Customer service

  • Conflict management

  • Personalities

  • Diversity

  • Techniques for sharing the Gospel

  • Leadership

  • Bible study


Child Behavior Management

  • Creating an inclusive environment

  • Mental health first aid

  • Keeping campers safe

  • Encouraging Growth

  • Self-Image

  • Characteristics of camper ages

  • Special needs

  • Behavior management policies

  • Child abuse prevention

  • Bullying prevention


Risk Management

  • Emergency procedures

  • Water safety

  • Security

  • Radio Procedures

  • Alabama wildlife

  • Rainy day procedures

  • First Aid, AED and CPR Certification


Specialized Programing

  • Lifeguard certification for waterfront team

  • Challenge course training for adventure rec team

  • Archery and Air Rifle certification for lead instructors

  • Canoe and paddling instruction for those working with the oldest campers and the camp out

  • Camp out skills (starting a fire, pitching a tent, cooking over a fire)

  • Each camper’s choice coach will have time to do a practice run of their program. During this time they will be evaluated and given guidance to improve their activity

  • Staff will run through each feature night and provide feedback to ensure each program is safe and exciting for campers

  • Staff will also learn our staff song and what it takes to prepare a good camp skit

  • Staff will spend hours going over the Bible study and theme for the summer and learning how to adapt the curriculum for each age group


During pre-camp there will be extensive time spent on team building, discovering each person’s personalities, encouraging individual abilities and challenging each other to grow. We will also spend time making sure our campus is ready for campers. This includes clearing trails and program areas, decorating cabins, and cleaning buildings.


We have a vespers service most nights where staff members will be encouraged and challenged by an alumni, missionaries or a fellow staff member. Everyone will be placed in small groups where they will participate in the staff Bible study and personal accountability. We will also spend a lot of time being goofy, learning morning celebration dances, silly songs and staff bonding activities!